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Innovative Water Solutions, Exploring Sustainable Approaches

innovative and
sustainable solutions

At Nikor Water Tech, we excel in the production and promotion of water treatment chemicals that protect the system and equipment and optimise the efficiency of the equipment in diverse applications. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions for closed and open cooling systems, boilers, water purification plant, swimming pool.

Nikor – FitSteam 456,  Boiler water treatment chemicals get the boiler water chemistry correct in order to protect the boiler system, control corrosion in the feed tank and the condensate return lines. Nikor’s advanced boiler water treatment chemicals have been ideally designed to improve the efficiency of industrial boiler systems and steam generation units in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial processes. To ensure the maintenance and operation at optimum efficiency of boiler systems at all times, Nikor Fit chemicals to be dosed in to the feed water with correct timing and dosage

Chiller Unit Water Treatment

Nikor – Fit Biocide & Fit Cor Chilled water treatment chemical passivates the chiller system and  prevents corrosion. The chemical based is a nitrate based chiller chemical designed to protect the entire water systems metallurgies from corrosion. Other chilled water chemicals may include biocides and are added as needed. Chiller water treatments should be a must for most chiller plants… where the pipes are made up low carbon steel and normal water is used as the make-up water. Nikor – Fit Water treat chemicals is nitrate based formulation with an additional organic inhibitor added to protect steel, copper and other non – ferrous metals  to make an ideal solution for closed chillers and low pressure heating systems

Nikor – Fit Biocide & Fit Cor  Cooling system water treatment solutions protect all types of cooling  systems, optimise the efficiency of the system, minimize the water consumption, seamless operations and protect health and environment. It is important that the correct cooling water conditions are established and maintained at all times by using right solutions at right time. Nikor water treatment chemicals have been designed to maintain high performance of cooling systems that use water as a primary coolant  with seamless operations at maximum efficiency.

Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Nikor’s Blue – kare is a one control system . The specifically  designed for swimming pool formula keeps the active ingredient to eliminate and control algae for all seasons. Blue – kare 002 is a highly concentrated algaecide that is specifically formulated to eliminate mustard and green algae. Its regular usage can effectively inhibit the growth of all types of algae. When combined with pool shock, algaecide can be a powerful tool in maintaining a clean and transparent swimming pool.

Nikor – FitPure 454. High Performance  specialty membrane chemicals for  membrane filtration systems including ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) systems, for reducing fouling and eliminating biological activity. Widely used in pre – treatment applications, membrane units are fast becoming one of the most important technologies in the production of pure water. However common problems like scaling and fouling necessitate frequent maintenance, downtime and increased operational costs. Nikor – Fit  treatment chemicals are specifically designed for membrane units like reverse osmosis, ultra and nano filtration and enable removal or preventive control of scaling and fouling.

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