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Chiller Unit - Liquid Biocide & Corrosion Inhibitor

Closed Chilled Water & Heating Systems Water Treatment Chemical Solutions

Chilled water treatment chemical passivates the chiller system and  prevents corrosion. The chemical based is a nitrate based chiller chemical designed to protect the entire water systems metallurgies from corrosion. Other chilled water chemicals may include biocides and are added as needed.

Nikor – Fit Water treat chemicals is nitrate based formulation with an additional organic inhibitor added to protect steel, copper and other non – ferrous metals  to make an ideal solution for closed chillers and low pressure heating systems.

Chiller water treatments should be a must for most chiller plant, where the pipes are made up low carbon steel and normal water is used as the make-up water

Fit - Biocide 981

Liquid Biocide

Fit-Biocide 981 is a liquid biocide that is widely recognized as a stabilized blend of Hypochlorite and bromide salts. It is specifically designed to effectively control bacteria and other organisms in various water systems, including recirculating cooling water, pasteurizers, air washers, and heat transfer systems. Fit-Biocide 981 is particularly effective in systems where other oxidizing biocides may have limited effectiveness due to contamination.

Fit - Cor 101

Closed System Corrosion inhibitor

Fit-Cor 101 is a crucial component for ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of closed heating or cooling water systems. There are two main types of corrosion inhibitors for closed systems: nitrate-based or molybdate-based. However, in certain situations, such as high-pressure systems, predominantly steel systems, or systems of significant size, a Tannin-based inhibitor may be a more suitable and cost-effective choice. 

Fit-Cor 101 contains sodium nitrite, buffers, and a copper corrosion inhibitor, making it highly effective for preventing corrosion in modern air conditioning chilled water systems, closed loop cooling systems, and hot water heating boilers. It is also compatible with alcohol and glycol anti-freezes. This single-solution treatment is easy to apply and provides economical protection for mixed metal systems that contain copper, brass, and ferrous-based metals on the water side.


The product can be manually dosed directly into the cooling tower basin, ensuring thorough mixing and distribution. The appropriate dosage of Fit – Biocide 981 depends on the volume of the system, with a recommended dosage of 35 ppm.

Fit-Cor 101 is typically used to provide corrosion protection in closed cooling and heating systems. It is recommended to maintain a reserve of 800-1000 ppm of nitrite and a pH value of >8.5 in the system to prevent corrosion. Fit-Cor 101 can be dosed using a separate dosing pot or manually added to the expansion tank at a rate of 5 kg/m3 of system volume. It offers effective protection against corrosion for various metals such as iron, steel, brass, and copper that are present in these systems.

These chemicals react with the pipes to form a protective thin inside layer, second, the chemicals help in maintaining the pH level, and third, the chemicals remove corrosive dissolved oxygen in the water. Dosing pumps are used for applying the predetermined quantities of chemicals at regular intervals.

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