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About nikor

Commitment to Water Excellence

Uniting Technology and Expertise to
Safeguard Our Lifeline - Water

Nikor Water Treatment Technology  manufactures and distributes by  Organix  offers specifically designed chemical solutions to protect water treatment systems against corrosion, scale deposition, fouling and biological challenges. Nikor Water technology safeguard people and assets, optimize operational efficiency and save costs of  various process systems.

Nikor water treatment chemical ranges includes  anti corrosion chemicals, cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitors  encompasses various applications, including steam boilers, cooling systems, closed circuits, chillers, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning and swimming pool protection. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and  ISO 14001:2015 meet the highest international quality and environmental standards.

With  comprehensive range of speciality water treatment chemicals, dosage and control equipment, test kits, and laboratory services, Nikor Water Tech  aim to safeguard people and assets, optimize operational efficiency, and save costs across various water systems.

Nikor Water Treatment Technology, manufactures and distributes by Organix Industries with the global market coverage and manufacturing facilities in United Arab Emirates offering not only products but also expertise and technical support to develop innovative technologies that address critical challenges. 

Nikor offers an extensive array of tailored products and technical services to fulfill the specific requirements of diverse processes. Our accomplished technical team provides on-site jar tests and effective plant trials, offering troubleshooting assistance whenever necessary. Through these endeavors, we strive to optimize system performance by recommending the appropriate products at optimal dosages. This approach not only reduces costs in process operations but also enhances efficiency, leading to overall savings.

Microorganism Elimination: Through our cutting-edge technologies, we help eliminate harmful microorganisms, promoting healthier environments. Nikor Water Tech stands as an innovative and industry – leading chemical technology specialist, catering to global environmental, municipal, and industrial process markets. Our collaboration with industry partners allows us to leverage our technical expertise and advanced treatment technologies to develop practical and effective solutions for complex challenges.

Nikor’s  range of specialty chemicals encompasses various applications, including steam boilers, cooling systems, closed circuits, wastewater and effluent treatment, industrial cleaning, and janitorial processes. We also offer state of the art solid chemicals, reverse osmosis membrane products, eco-friendly biological formulations, and more.

Some of the key areas where we excel include:

Safe Drinking Water

With our “green technology,”
we strive to ensure safe drinking waterfor humankind by developing advanced treatment solutions.

Water Reuse Projects

We continuously improve treatment technologies to support water reuse projects and contribute to sustainable water management.

Food Safety and Preservation

Our solutions foster food safety and aid in reducing food spoilage, ensuring the well-being of consumers.

Wastewater System Cleanup

We assist in the effective cleanup of industrial and municipal wastewater systems, contributing to environmental protection and compliance.

With a rich history dating back to

Uniting technology and expertise to
safeguard our lifeline: Water.

While Nikor Water Tech has already earned a reputable position as a supplier of water filtration and purification systems globally, we also take pride in providing cost-effective water treatment solution programs for cooling and heating systems. Our performance chemicals are carefully dosed and monitored to ensure optimal efficiency and meet the demands of your chillers, boilers, and cooling towers, thereby maintaining a conducive environment within your facilities.

Our range of performance chemicals for cooling towers, chillers, boilers, and potable water is specifically designed to keep your equipment and distribution systems in prime condition. Successfully utilized worldwide in commercial, industrial, and municipal process environments, these chemicals optimize performance, improve productivity, and reduce equipment life-cycle costs.

Discover the comprehensive range of high-performance water treatment chemicals offered by Nikor Water Tech. Whether you require solutions for cooling water systems, steam boilers, closed circuits, cooling towers, wastewater treatment, or industrial processes, we have the expertise and products to meet your needs.

Partner with Nikor Water Tech today and experience the benefits of our advanced water treatment solutions. Contact us to explore how our specialized products and dedicated support can help you achieve your goals in water management and environmental stewardship.

We are here for you