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Swimming Pool – Algae Control Chemicals

Chemicals for Swimming Pools, Algae Control Chemical System

Keeping swimming pools beautiful, use friendly all seasons Ideally formulated chemical system for swimming pools to prevent and control Algae & young aquatic plants, improve visual appearance and reduce UV light in the water column

Nikor Blue-kare stops algae growth such as free floating and filamentous green algae, green slime algae and brown algae and will not harm livestock, birds, fish, pets or people drinking the water if used in accordance with the label directions.

  • Keeps algae under control
  • Reduces UV light penetration through the water 
  • Visually enhances the water body
  • Turns water blue
  • Impairs aquatic plants growth without increasing turbidity 
  • Is a non-herbicidal alternative 
  • Can achieve control of rooted aquatic plants
  • Easy to apply

Algae Control Chemical System


Strong Algae Dispersant For Swimming Pool

Blue-kare is a one control system . The specifically  designed for swimming pool formula keeps the active ingredient to eliminate and control algae for all seasons.

 Blue-kare 002 is a highly concentrated algaecide that is specifically formulated to eliminate mustard and green algae. Its regular usage can effectively inhibit the growth of all types of algae. When combined with pool shock, algaecide can be a powerful tool in maintaining a clean and transparent swimming pool.


It is advisable to add the algaecide to the pool after thorough cleaning and shocking, using a treatment that has a minimum of 70% chlorine. By doing so, any tiny algae spores that may have been missed by the pool shock can be eliminated, and the algaecide can also aid in preventing their recurrence.

Dosage & Feeding 

Initial dosage – 750ml/10000 gallons of pool size 

Maintenance dosage – 350 ml/10000 gallons of pool size once a week

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