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Cooling Tower – Liquid Biocide & Scale Control System

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemical Solutions


Nikor Cooling system water treatment solutions protect all types of cooling  systems, optimise the efficiency of the system, minimize the water consumption, seamless operations and protect health and environment.

It is important that the correct cooling water conditions are established and maintained at all times by using right solutions at right time. Nikor water treatment chemicals have been designed to maintain high performance of cooling systems that use water as a primary coolant  with seamless operations at maximum efficiency.

Water is a prime cooling medium in the process system for many industries and is an all time effective method of heat transfer. Heat transfer from hot process fluids in to the cooling water through a heat exchange surface  consequently, the cooling water heat up. The evaporation of a small percentage of this cooling water in a cooling tower, then reduces the temperature of the cooling water, allowing it to be used for cooling again. Make up water is used to replace the evaporated water.

Evaporative condensers are often used to cool closed systems whereby pipework containing hot process fluids is sprayed with water to remove heat from the system. The primary objectives in the design, operation and effective treatment of cooling water systems include efficiency in heat transfer, minimisation of energy and water usage, and safe, reliable operation.

When operating a cooling system, there are several considerations to ensure the achievement of these objectives, which include the control of scale, corrosion, fouling, and the control of microbiological contamination

A cooling tower chemical is defined as a corrosion inhibitor and scale prevent chemical and a cooling water biocide.  A corrosion inhibitor and scale prevention chemical allows the cooling tower to reuse the water. As the water is reuse the water may become corrosive and the tendency of scaling may increase. The use of corrosion inhibitor and scale prevent chemicals will allow the cooling tower water reuse to maximize before blowdown (released water from the cooling tower).

A cooling tower water treatment
system might be made up of the technologies necessary to regulate the level of:

Fit-Biocide 981

Liquid Biocide

Fit-Biocide 981 is a liquid biocide that is widely recognized as a stabilized blend of Hypochlorite and bromide salts. It is specifically designed to effectively control bacteria and other organisms in various water systems.

The product can be manually dosed directly into the cooling tower basin, ensuring thorough mixing and distribution. The appropriate dosage of Fit-Biocide 981 depends on the volume of the system, with a recommended dosage of 35 ppm.

Fit-Biocide 556

Liquid Biocide

Fit-Biocide 556 is a liquid biocide that is widely recognized as a stabilized blend of Hypochlorite and bromide salts. It is specifically designed to effectively control bacteria and other organisms in various water colling systems . It is particularly effective in systems where other oxidizing biocides may have limited effectiveness due to contamination.

Fir-Biocide 556 can be manually dosed and directly applied to the cooling tower basin, ensuring excellent mixing and distribution. The amount of product needed will vary based on the size of the system, with a recommended dosage of 25 ppm.

Fit-Cor 3004

Scale, Corrosion Inhibitor & Dispersants for Open Cooling Towers with High Scaled, Hardness & S.S. Make Up Levels

Fit-Cor 3004 is a liquid cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor that is specifically designed for use in open circuit evaporative cooling systems and air conditioning plant that operate under hard water conditions. This product is highly effective and non-volatile, offering excellent performance in preventing scale buildup and corrosion.

Fit-Cor 3004 is normally fed to supply a corrosion & scale protection for open evaporative cooling towers. Fit-Cor 3004 contains a blend of organic inhibitors synthetic dispersant with a high performance to deal with a high levels of suspended solids in the make up water. It can maintain the system to keep high heat transfer efficiency. Fit-Cor 3004 can be dosed by a separate dosing pump on the make up feed line to give the needed reserve of oregano phosphates inside the cooling water. The correct treatment level depends on operating conditions such as pH, cycles of concentration, temperature and the bleed rate.

Cooling towers are heat rejection devices used for cooling water or concentrating stream from industrial processes. In regards to industrial applications that utilize cooling towers, a variety of cooling tower water treatment system is generally needed to guarantee an efficient procedure and durable equipment service life. In the chance that the cooling tower is left untreated, organic build-up, scaling, erosion, and fouling will leave the plant in an unproductive state, causing plant downtime and consequently requiring expensive equipment replacements.

Nikor – Fit series solutions will eliminate all these challenges and make the cooling system maximum efficiency , limitless operations , economical and protect the community and environment . It is important to establish and maintain appropriate cooling conditions to ensure the optimum performance of these cooling towers. It can be easily achieved using specially designed Nikot -Fit water treatment technologies.

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